Nigerian Professional Network.

Connect with other Nigerian professionals home and abroad, find jobs, post jobs and other opportunities.
Nigerian Professional Network

Why should you join this network?

If you are looking to increase your professional and business contacts or network, this is the tool design for us and by us Nigerians.
Our aim is to provide a community online where professionals in Nigerians can find and network with each other within Nigeria. Nigerian professionals abroad can also use it to connect with counterparts in Nigeria to share skills, resources and everyone increase their networks

Who should join?

Currently we are in a limited release for only Nigerian Startups and IT talents (Eg: Web developers, growth hackers, designers, software programmers, business analysts, product and project managers) in Nigeria.
Features and tools
Things Nigerian professionals can do on
Find Jobs, Get Hired
Get visibility to jobs posted by companies, apply to those jobs by uploading their CVs
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Ask and Answer Questions
Ask questions to learn about specific topics, alternatively provide answers to questions to establish credibility or subject matter expertise
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Professional Connections
Find and follow other professionals to stay abreast of their career related announcements or information.
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Public Posts
Make public posts about career related things or news you care about. Present yourself as a subject matter expert.
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Skills Listing
By creating a profile, your skills are listed on the directory of professionals. Making it easy to be found and contracted.
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As a place of trusted professional connections, we want to make sure you are whom you say you are. This way everyone is protected from fraud and scam.
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